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    Uniting couples. Sparking connection. Igniting passion.

    For couples who want enhanced connection and intimacy with their partner.


Take a moment to reflect on your relationship with your significant other. What comes to mind? Do you feel truly connected, seen and heard? Do you feel respected and desired?

If you answered any version of ‘could be better’, then register for a session with me and I’ll give you the tools to IGNITE your relationship.

If you answered yes, then fantastic! Let’s take your relationship to the next level and really stoke the fire!

This session is all about helping you:

»  Celebrate relationship strengths & notice areas for improvement.
»  Connect and build stronger intimacy & closeness with each other.
»  Spark curiosity & excitement about your partner.
»  Ignite passion & desire in your relationship.

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Relationship Coach

Suzan Acker, CPCC & Erotic Blueprint Coach

Sex and Relationship Coach

What does it take to build a deeply passionate relationship? It takes commitment to being there with and for another person. It is the promise to be part of an ongoing conversation that deepens understanding, desire and excitement. It is action based on curiosity, love and connection. And it is at the heart of what I do…

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Session Topics

Couples Ignited is a series of coaching sessions for couples who want to keep their fire burning. This work isn’t designed to fix a broken relationship – it’s designed to help couples keep that spark alive and take it to the next level. Think of this as an option for date night – an opportunity to pay attention to your relationship and stoke that fire.

Love Extinguishers & Igniters

  • Learn four behaviours that lead to break-ups
  • Identify destructive behaviours in your relationship and how to avoid them
  • Explore behaviours that create connection and strengthen your bond

Spark Your Love

  • Explore and rediscover who your partner is today
  • Share with your partner a fresh perspective on who you are
  • Inspire fondness, connection and deep appreciation for one another

Ignite Your Passion

  • Evaluate your current relationship and create a vision for your future
  • Explore strategies for strengthening your unique connection
  • Develop a plan for taking your relationship to the next level

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