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Ready to enjoy sexual satisfaction, deep connection and erotic fulfillment in your relationship?

Erotic Mastery Package

With this package, you will receive 8 sex coaching sessions with either you alone or with both you and your partner, as well as 8 Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough videos. I will serve as your guide and accountability keeper, taking you deeper into the Erotic Blueprint experience to help you break through the resistance that keeps you from experiencing the connection and pleasure you desire. Erotic Blueprint was created by Jaiya, the internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist, author and founder of New World Sex Education.

Passionate Possibilities Session

Do you have unmet desires you’re interested in exploring with your partner, but don’t know how? You’re tried the books, the toys, maybe even a tradeshow, but nothing has really improved in the bedroom. In this 90-minute session, we will get away from the ordinary and explore the amazing erotic adventures that await you.
Choose the option that will help you discover what you really want — and ask for it with confidence.


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